Fat Bikes Surf & Cycle

Brand new for 2016 we are introducing our fleet of ‘Fat Boy’ bikes, ideal for cycling off-road and exploring the Cornish beaches in style!

This year’s batch have the new Electra Cruiser Lux Fat Tire. The fatty 26”x 3.5” tires, super wide rims and 12 gauge spokes practically float over softer surfaces with maximum stability. Meanwhile the disc brakes keep all that awesome under control.

Fat Boys are available for hire at both our Surf School locations:

    Bike Rental

  • £10 half-day
  • £20 full-day.

    Cycle Surfari

Cycle off the the secluded corners of the beach, to enjoy a surf experience with just you and your friends. These bikes are now included with all private surf lessons. We operate these sessions at a Max 5:1 ratio

  • 1 Person: £80
  • 2 People: £100
  • 3+ People: £45pp


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do we have helmets?

Yes. Under 16′s must wear a helmet, adults can choose.



  • What deposit do I leave?

We will require a £50 damage deposit PER bike, Copy of I.D, Credit Card and full payment for the session in advance.



  • We want a bike for all the family, how many do you have?

We have a total of 6 bikes.



  • Do we have kids bikes?

Not yet, but your kids can try it out, they should be able to fit from 14 years old.



  • Can we buy one?

You can buy our used bikes for discounted rate, just speak to the Surf School Manager for the best price.



  • Do we rent mountain bikes too?

No, but they are available from Blissoe Hire Centre.



  • We want to rent for a few days, is this possible?

Yes, just multiply the day rate by the number of days, and knock off 10%.


Rental Terms and Conditions

By renting a Fat Boy bike form Ticket to Ride Surf Schools you are agreeing to the following Terms, please read before rental.
1) Hire Periods: All hire for periods to start and finish in the same day – the bikes are to be returned to the point of collection / delivery no later than 6:00pm. Additional fees will be due for late bike return.
2) Half day: The half day hire is for a hire period up to 3 hours which commence:Morning – between 9:00am and 10:00am and finish between 1:00pm and 2:00pmAfternoon – between 1:00pm and 2:00pm and finish between 5:00pm and 6:00pm.
3) Flexi 3 hour: This is a hire period up to 3 hours which can commence any time from 9:00am with the latest return time of 6:00pm.
4) Day: This is for a hire period up to 8 hours which can commence any time from 9:00am with the latest return of 6:00pm.
5) Multiple Day Hire: Speak to our team if you would like to rent the bikes for a longer period.
6) Security Deposit, and Hire Terms
• A security deposit of £50 will be held per bike, for all bike rentals. This will be refunded on delivery
• A copy of I.D (driving license or passport)
• A copy of your credit card will be held over the rental
• Return this having given the bike a check over
7) Helmets
• All bikes are rented with a helmet
• If you choose not to wear a helmet, you must sign our helmet waiver
• Rentees Under 16 MUST wear a helmet – no helmet, no hire
8) Late Returns
• Any late returns are subject to a charge of £10 per hour of late return
• All returns must be to the same site (unless agreed at the time of booking)
9) General Conditions of Hire
• Proof of identification may be requested upon delivery of your bicycles and accessories. (E.g. driving licence, passport, photo ID, etc.)
• Please cycle sensibly. Cyclists are expected to follow the Highway Code in particular the “Extra rules for Cyclists”
• Anyone cycling in a discourteous or unsafe manner while in possession of our equipment will have the equipment repossessed with no refund of hire charges.
• Cycle helmets are provided free of charge and all cyclists are strongly advised to use them. Adults who decline the free helmet must sign the Helmet Waiver Declaration. All cyclists below the age of 16 MUST wear a cycle helmet; they will not be issued a bicycle with one. No Helmet – No Hire.
• Cycles should be locked to a permanent fixture whenever left unattended. The method of securing should include the front wheel and the frame. No matter what the circumstances, the theft of an unlocked bicycle will be the responsibility of the hirer and will be subject to a £500 charge to cover the replacement of the bicycle and its accessories.•All equipment must be returned to the place and time as agreed when booking the hire.