Ticket to Ride Surf School Staff


Our surf schools offer surf lessons in Perranporth and Newquay for all abilities; from complete beginners to those looking for more advanced surf coaching.

Catching a wave and riding it back in towards the shore for the first time is a special moment, and one that will be savoured for a lifetime. Come and learn the art of riding a wave with our surf instructors on Perranporth beach or Great Western beach in Newquay.

Surfing’s simplicity synchronised with the ocean’s natural energy creates an unforgettable feeling of captivation, achievement and total exhilaration.

Welcome to our sport, our passion, our lifestyle, welcome to the Ticket to Ride Surf Schools.


Julian Price

Julian is the most tireless surf instructor you will ever meet and will get you standing up on a surfboard, guaranteed.


Max Hepworth Povey

Since joining the team in April 2011, Max has put his all into the surf school and has been know to start lessons at 7am for those wanting to experience a ‘dawnie’ on many occasions. He also runs some pretty awesome surf trips all over the world.



Taffy is as reliable as they come and in his third season deep at the Perranporth surf school, living a perfectly balanced life of surfing in Cornwall all Summer and Snowboarding in France working the Winter Season.


Jodi-Lynne Maclean

Jodie is like a little ball of Canadian energy, guaranteed to make you smile.


Josh Devaney

Josh went on a Ticket to Ride Adventure to South Africa a couple of years ago and now works all around the World for Ticket to Ride, including Newquay in the UK Summer.


George Hall

Same story for George, except he spends his Winters working for Ticket to Ride in the snow! Literally living the dream.


Psymon Shields

Psymon is such a genuine bloke who runs our weekly kids surf club, The Grom Club!


Steve Cole

Steve loves the vibes at Perranporth and hung around the surf school so much we had to give him a job!


Jeffa Snell

Jeffa has more enthusiasm than a classroom full of 8 year olds and loves bananas.


Sam Lamiroy



Katie Mousley

Saving the best til last, we have Katie who handles business.